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Atal Incubation Centre, BARC

List of Technologies available for Incubation

  1. X-Band 6 MeV LINAC based X-Ray Source for Radiotherapy Machine
  2. 1 MeV DC Accelerator for Waste Water Treatment and Radiation processing applications
  3. Modular 120 (4x30) Nm3/hr Hydrogen production capacity Alkaline Water Electrolyzer Plant
  4. Dual Energy Cargo Scanner
  5. Iodine-Sulphur thermochemical process plant for Hydrogen production by splitting water
  6. Anu-Chaitanya - A Versatile Bioregulator for Sustainable Crop Production
  7. Radiation Shielding Lead Glass Slab Manufacturing
  8. Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
  9. Plasma Melting Furnace for Pre-Processed PCB Scrap
  10. 150kV, 20kW EB Gun for welding applications
  11. 10 MeV RF Linac for Food, Medical & Industrial Applications
  12. Composite Metal Membrane Reactor for Production/Separation/ Recovery of High-purity Hydrogen
  13. Development of Titanium Based Hydrogen Storage Material for Transport Applications
  14. Portable Raman spectroscopy system for oral cancer detection
  15. Process system for clean-up of dissolved oil and salt contaminated waste water for gainful utilization
  16. Development of Automated Alpha Particle Irradiator- BioAlpha

If interested in incubation of any technology, kindly download (Application by Incubatee for in-house technology )-> fill -> scan -> send/ Email the application form to -

Convener, AIC-BARC, Task Force
c/o Head, Technology Transfer & Collaboration Division,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
Trombay, Mumbai - 400085, India