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Student's Corner

Visiting BARC

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre being a multidisciplinary organization and a national laboratory with the prime motive to support the nuclear programme in the country, extends its expertise to provide great opportunities for research.

In order to encourage the growth of scientific/technological research in the country, the undergraduate and post-graduate science and engineering students are welcome to visit BARC campus at Trombay to get a glimpse of its world class facilities. The visit can be organized on the request of the head of the Colleges/Academic Institutions.

No accommodation in the BARC Training School Hostel or Guest House will be provided to any student / group of students for the visit. No travel assistance will be offered for the visit.

Carrying out Practical Training/Project Work in BARC during academic curriculum

Practical Training/Project Work opportunities in BARC for Science and Engineering graduate/postgraduate students

Degree Eligibility Criteria
Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Only those students after 5th semester and before final sem exam
M.E./M.Tech Only those students after 1st semester and before final sem exam
B.Sc Only those students after 5th semester and before final sem exam
M.Sc Only those students after 1st semester and before final sem exam

HRDD, BARC forwards applications from maximum 3 eligible bonafide meritorious (60% and above, no backlogs) students for practical training/projects post 5th semester in engineering or 1st year of PG in sciences to suitable Departments of BARC for screening and approval of Competent Authority of BARC.

From a college, applications of maximum 3 students from the same degree/ subject will be considered.

Minimum duration (continuous on all working days of a week) for short term Practical Training/ long term Project Work as a part of academic curriculum:

  1. Mechanical engg – for practical training – 45 days; 3-6 months for project work.
  2. Chemical Engg, Civil, Metallurgy, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Physics, Chemistry – for practical training - 2 months; 3-6 months for project work.
  3. Computer Sc. & Engg – for practical training – 45 days; 3-6 months for project work.
  4. Biosciences – 4 months.

For screening, students are required to send not earlier than 3 months before the desired starting date of project (do not send too early), and not later than 15 days before the desired starting date (do not send too late), an application on hard copy on their college letter head duly signed and stamped by the college authority, alongwith a personal Resume and relevant marksheets.

It is mandatory to apply in the prescribed format given below. Applications not in this format will not be accepted.

Format of application (to be typed on college letterhead)

The following students of our college would like to apply for practical training/project work in BARC:

    1. Full name of the student as in your college ID: Mr./Ms.
    2. Degree:
    3. Total No. of years of the degree programme:
    4. Current year of study (2nd yr./ 3rd yr. etc.) :
    5. Discipline/subject:
    6. Desirable period of training (from ________ date to ________ date)
    7. Remarks, if any:

    Alongwith 1-page student's Resume. Resume should have the following particulars:

      1. Personal details with email ID.
      2. Educational qualifications with marks. Attach latest marksheet.
      3. Skills acquired.
      4. Any training undergone.
      5. Any projects done.
      6. Areas of interest.

      Additionally, if it is
      For Computer Sc. & Engg - attach all marksheets from X std onwards.
      For BioSc – attach all marksheets from X std onwards.

      Applications shall be addressed to:

      The Officer-in-Charge,
      Practical Training/Project work,
      HRDD, BARC,
      BARC Training School,
      Anushakti Nagar,
      Mumbai 400094.

      When the Competent Authority accepts you for practical training/project work, you will be informed by email by HRDD along with an official acceptance letter with instructions for submission of a set of further documents related to I-Card processing. Students whose applications are rejected at HRDD or those who are not accepted for practical training/project work in BARC for any reason, click here to see the information as and when it is updated by the concerned authority

      Pl. note that the period of training/project work is excluding the processing time of 1 week taken for processing of filled-in forms at HRDD, investigation & I-Card before the student can start training/project work. This means that students who are accepted for a specified period of training cannot report to BARC on the starting date or just 2 - 3 days before the starting date of training as the processing time reqd. for I-Card will reduce the training period. Hence, if accepted for training/project work in BARC, students will be required to submit all the required original forms 1 week to 10 days before the actual starting date of practical training or project work. Training for less than the accepted period is not allowed.

      "Any query regarding practical training/project work is to be sent to hrddptpw@barc.gov.in only."

Career Opportunities in BARC

BARC offers challenging opportunities to bright youngsters to excel in the frontline areas of research and development of cutting edge technologies.

For more details of challenging opportunities