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• Design & development of components/ equipment for Nuclear Reactors and Applied Research.
• Manufacturing of critical and ultra-precision systems related to radioisotopes and radiation technology.
• Development of manufacturing technologies and processes in high-tech areas.
• Technological development for international DAE collaborative projects.
• Consultancy in mechanical design and manufacturing to DAE units.
• Consultancy in Quality Control, Inspection, Metrology and Non-destructive Testing.
• Training and knowledge upgradation in the field of mechanical design, manufacturing technology and related quality assurance activities.



Remote operated lead shielded Mini Hot cell is indigenously designed, developed & installed successfully for RMC, BARC for radiochemical synthesis of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Radiopharmaceuticals. Mini Hot cell contains a number of in-cell gadgets and process equipment inside the SS containment box supported on MS frame structure.


The MACE Gamma ray Telescope has a 1088 pixel imaging Camera for recording the few nanosecond duration Cherenkov light flashes produced by the interaction of very high energy particles or photons with the earth’s atmosphere. This Imaging camera housing has been designed, developed and installed at Hanle, Ladakh. This has been done in collaboration with Electronics Division and Astrophysics Division.


Dressed SSR1 Niobium cavities are required for accelerating the charged particle for Fermi Lab, USA under IIFC for Proton Improvement Plant (PIP-II) project. Helium Vessel Jacketing of SSR1 Niobium cavities have been developed at CDM. Assembly procedure, WPS/WPQ, BPS/BPQ were prepared at CDM and got approved by Fermi Lab. Dressing of the cavities have been successfully completed and delivered to Fermi Lab, USA.


Fully automated KB (Kirkpatrick-Baez) Mirror assembly is a UHV compatible synchrotron beam micro-focusing system by two crystal mirrors for ARPES Beam line of INDUS-II, RRCAT. The function of KB mirrors is to micro focus the synchrotron beam after the monochromator on to the sample with the help of two separate mirrors.


Cryomodule Test System (CMTS) is a major cryogenic system designed and developed at CDM under Indian Institutions and Fermi Lab Collaboration (IIFC). CMTS is necessary test bed to measure the performance of superconducting RF cavities in Cryomodule. Feed Cap and End Cap sub systems of Cryomodule Test System (CMTS) are designed and developed at CDM.
\r\nFeed cap & End cap are 2K liquid helium distribution system for LCLS-II RF Cavity Bath and insulated by intermediate radiation shields maintained at 5K and 40K and Multilayer Insulation. This development was very challenging as many design considerations and decisions for 2K cryogenic requirements have been made and implemented. Also intricate mounting of ceramic sensors both internally and externally (surface mounted) for very low temperature measurements, low temperature epoxy bonding and multi-layer insulation wrapping were successfully completed.



Beam Power : 45KW
\r\nAcceleration Voltage:150KV
\r\nChamber size: 3000 mm x 2000mm x 2000
\r\nWorking Vacuum level : Better than 5x 10-5 mbar


Machine Axis travel in mm : X- 780, Y- 700, Z - 450, Accuracy in mm: X- 0.010, Y -0.010, Z- 0.010, Repeatability in mm : X-0.050, Y- 0.050, Z - 0.050 mm, Spindle run out 0.003 mm.


Machine travel range in mm: X- 1220,Y- 1170, Z -1220, Spindle run out ≤ 1 micron, Accuracy in mm: X- 0.0024, Y- 0.0026, Z- 0.0026 mm, Repeatability in mm : X- 0.0016, Y- 0.0016, Z- 0.0016 mm.


Machine Axis travel in mm : X -400,Y -300, Z - 250, U -120, V -120, Accuracy in mm: X- 0.004, Y- 0.005, U -0.003, V -0.005, Repeatability in mm: X- 0.001, Y- 0.002, U -0.0009, V- 0.0007.

Technologies Developed


For Digital Radiography of components


Thyroid Probe, weighs approximately 50 kg, requires a manipulator to hold and adjusts its position from patient neck for careful Thyroid uptake studies at RMC. The manipulator motions are effortless through indigenously designed mechanism with inbuilt redundant & multiple safety features to eliminate any untoward accident and harm to the patient.

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