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The major thrust mandate areas of Technology Development Division are
1. Development of new innovative Engineering Technologies of multi disciplinary nature adoptable in Back end of Fuel Cycle Plants & upcoming Projects. This consists of design, development, validation, manufacturing, deployment, testing and commissioning of Remotization Gadgets, Mechanization & Automation of Systems, import substitute Equipments and Machines and refurbishment technologies for service life extension of essential Equipments used in Fuel Reprocessing & Waste Management Plants.
2. Division caters to project related activities like Mechanical Design & Construction of RCC and MS Shielded Waste Transfer Trenches of Pipe in Pipe Configuration and Material Handling Equipments like Gantry Crane & EOT Crane. Division is also associated in catering to upcoming project activities vis-a-vis design of Process Control & Instrumentation System.
3. Provides Consultancy Services for Site selection, Characterization, Design, Analysis and Safety Assessment of Waste Disposal Facilities specially Near Surface Disposal Facilities of DAE Sites viz. Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Fuel Complex , Uranium Corporation of India Ltd., Indian Rare Earth Ltd. Etc.
4. Provides services to Nuclear Power Generation Waste Disposal Sites like RC Trench service life estimation . Geochemical modelling etc.



The design features of the system are given below:
\r\n1) FRHMAS is capable of picking the cut-end rod from Rod box in horizontal balanced condition.
\r\n2) It is also capable of rotating ±900near rod box location.
\r\n3) Entire HED area is accessible with the system.
\r\n4) Grappler has been designed for picking & placing of cut end rods from/at predetermined locations (Rod Box & DC Tanks)


(2000-01-01/2025-12-31) Engineering Hall for Developmental Activities.

Engineering Hall for Development and Validation of Remote Handling Systems and other Mechanical Systems.


Preparation of Engineering Drawings of various types is an inalienable part of an Engineering Facility and plays a very important role from conceptual to commissioning stage. The capability of Design Engineer and Draftsman is gauged by the quality of Drawings they finally churn out. The responsibility of upkeepment of Drawing and Drafting Facility catering to various projects/programs of NRG has been entrusted to Technology Development Division (TDD). This Drawing Office has evolved from manually drafting Drawings on Tracings to CAD assisted one long back.
\r\nIt has well equipped Drawing office for preparation of all types of engineering drawings for different projects/programmes undertaken by Nuclear Recycle Group. Various types of drawings pertaining to civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, C & I etc. are prepared. 3-D models are also generated for specific work requirements. Drawing preparation work is carried by well qualified departmental and outsourced draftsmen.

Technologies Developed

(01-11-2015) Development of Cs Glass Pencil making System, Utilising the principle of Wealth from Waste

Utilising the principle of Wealth from Waste and recovered valuable radionuclide Cs-137, complete technology development and it’s deployment at Waste Immobilisation Plant for Cs Glass Pencil making System has been accomplished by this Division. These Pencils are being regularly produced (by WIP) and supplied to various Blood Banks for Blood Irradiator.