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1. Project planning and execution for hydrogen isotope separation and purification using technologies such as distillation, catalytic exchange and electrolysis, chromatography
2. System development, demonstration and deployment for gas solid catalytic and non-catalytic reactions and separations including fixed bed, fluidized bed and membrane-permeator based systems (from laboratory to pilot plant scale) for fusion energy programs
3. Ultra-⁠pure silicon production and supply to end users
4. Process intensification employing emerging technologies, techno-commercial evaluation and optimization, safety studies
5. Compact water electrolyser development for high purity hydrogen and oxygen production
6. Analytical services, instrument calibration, training and human resource development through summer/winter projects and internships


(01-01-1980) Analytical Laboratories, Halls 2 and 8

(01-07-2010) Compact water electrolyser facility, DD Shed

(02-07-2018) HPS Test Facility, CFB

(02-06-1980) Heavy Water Upgrading Facility, Hall 2

(08-06-2009) Detector grade Silicon production facility including TCS Distillation System, CVD Reactor and Class 10 Clean Room with Float Zone Crystal Pulling at Hall 2 and CFB

Technologies Developed

(01-01-2009) Detector Grade Polysilicon Wafer Production Technology

(01-01-1980) Compact Alkaline Water Electrolyser Plant

(01-01-1980) High Efficiency Structured Packing Fabrication and Heavy Water Upgrading Technology

Show Cases


Water electrolyser technology transfer


3D Model and Animation for High efficiency structured packing fabrication facility at HWD


Indent Tracking System for HWD Users


Technology Transfer of Compact Alkaline Water Electrolyser to M/s Pratishna Engg, Mumbai


HPS Test Facility for ITER, CFB