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1. Process modeling and simulation, process development, proof-of-concept demonstration, process scale up, project planning and execution for separation and purification of difficult to separate light element mixtures using catalytic exchange, distillation and chromatography
2. Collaborative research and development on novel catalysts and reactor configurations for gas-solid reactions in hydrogen isotope exchange, hydrogen-oxygen recombination and hydrogen isotope equilibration
3. Development of Water Electrolyzer (Alkaline and PEM based) for production of high purity hydrogen and oxygen supporting the green hydrogen programme
4. Production of high purity crystalline silicon from metallurgical grade silicon and supply to end users
5. Development and demonstration of process systems for hydrogen-helium separation supporting the fusion energy programme
6. Process intensification employing emerging technologies, optimization and safety studies


(1/2022) Design and Fabrication of Detector PADs from in-house grown High Purity Single Crystal Silicon Wafers

(12/2021) Three distillation column cascade operation for purification of crude Trichlorosilane (TCS) to photovoltaic (PV) grade (>5N purity) was successfully demonstrated


(2000-12-31/2060-12-31) Instrumentation Laboratory Facility

(2012-07-31/2059-12-31) Hydrogen-Helium Separation Experimental Laboratory

(2015-07-01/2059-12-31) Spinning Catalyst Basket Reactor Experimental Setup

(2009-07-01/2055-12-31) Clean Room Facility for Production and Characterization of UHP grade Silicon

(2017-07-01/2055-12-31) Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory

(1980-01-01/2059-12-31) Analytical Laboratories for Hydrogen Isotope Analysis


Technologies Developed

(01-01-2009) Technology for detector grade polysilicon wafer production

(30-11-1980) Technology for upgrading of heavy water to reactor grade isotopic purity

(01-01-1980) Technology for production of high purity hydrogen and oxygen by alkaline water electrolysis

Show Cases


Hydrogen-Water Isotope Exchange Process Pilot Scale Experimental Reactor Setup


Hydrogen Permeator Setup


Helium Purge System for Hydrogen-Helium Separation


Trichlorosilane Distillation Facility for Purification