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Issue : 381
MAR-APR 2022

Electron Beam Accelerator: Technology and Applications

Electron Beam Centre (EBC) Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Microwave and X-Rays

Amitava Roy

Sr. Title Author(s) Link
1Development and Application of Mode Optical Parametric Oscillator for Selective Photoionization Studies on Lu-176 IsotopeC.S. Rao et al.
2Laser based Isotope Selective Photoionization for Enrichment of 176 Yb, 174 Yb and 168 YbAsawari D. Rath et al.
3Design and Development of Separator for Laser Isotope Separation of Lanthanides for Medical ApplicationsS. P. Dey et al.
4Analytical Approach to Understand Laser Isotope Separation Process of Yb-176 for Non Carrier Added (NCA) Radioisotope Lu-177K. K. Mishra et al.
5Quantum Chemical Calculations of Vibrational Frequencies and Associated Isotope Shifts in SF 6, MoF 6, and UF 6 : A DFT StudyAyan Ghosh et al.
6Design and Development of Indigenous 100 kW Plasma TorchR. L. Bhardwaj et al.
7Magnetic Pulse Welding of AA 5052 “Tube-Plug”JMVVS Aravind et al.
8Titanium to SS-304 Dissimilar Metal Joints by Magnetic Pulse WeldingShobhna Mishra et al.
9Automation of Magnetic Pulse Welding of PFBR Fuel and its End-PlugRenu Rani et al.
10Capacitor Driven Electromagnetic RailgunPankaj Deb et al.
11Development of Solid State Pulse Modulator for Biological ApplicationsAnil S. Nayak et al.
12Electron Beam Thermal ApplicationsM. N. Jha et al.
13Electron Beam Accelerator: Technology and ApplicationsElectron Beam Centre (EBC) Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
14Electron Beam Treatment of WastewaterP. C. Saroj et al.
15Air Plasma Incinerator: In Pursuit of Clean India MissionS. Ghorui et al.
166 MeV X-Band Linac: NDT & Medical ApplicationsJ. Mondal et al.
17Prebuncher Cavity: Enhancing Beam Transmission in 10 MeV RF LinacJ. Mondal et al.
18Microwave and X-RaysAmitava Roy
19Cavitation-assisted Decontamination of Yttria from Graphite of Different DensitiesSutanwi Lahiri et al.
20Sonochemical Recovery of Uranium from Nanosilica-based Sorbent and its BiohybridSutanwi Lahiri et al.
21Intensified Ceria Recovery from Graphite Substrate and Cleanup of Leachant using SonicationSutanwi Lahiri et al.
22Sonocatalytic Recovery of Ceria from Graphite and Inhibition of Graphite Erosion by Ionic Liquid based Platinum NanocatalystSutanwi Lahiri et al.
23An Exceptionally Intense Turn-on Fluorescence Sensor in the Far-red Region for Common Milk Allergen ß-lactoglobulinGoutam Chakraborty et al.
24Development of a Phase Change Solver and its Application to Concentrated Energy BeamAnik Mazumder et al.
25Evaluation of Crucible for Cold Hearth Transverse Electron Beam Vapour GeneratorDileep Kumar V et al.
2698/100 Mo Enrichment by Infrared Multi-photon Dissociation of MoF 6M. B. Sai Prasad et al.
27CONNECT - Reports from symposia, workshops and conferences - (a)Lasers and Applications (b)Pulsed Power Applications (c)Trends in Vacuum Science
28LAB TO INDUSTRY - TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY - (a)10 MeV, 5kW RF Linac (b)12kW Electron Beam Welding Machine (c)Flame Retardant Cotton Cloth