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Bhabha Atomic Research Centre offers technical know-how for Technologies Available for Transfer
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  • Radiation Technology
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Agriculture & Bioscience
Our Licensees
Agriculture & Bioscience
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]A post-harvest technology for development of Intermediate Moisture ShrimpAB32FTD20,000
[2]A Process for Development of Phosphorus (P) Fertilizer Formulation from BiosludgeAB26NABTD40,000
[3]A Process for Development of Zinc (Zn) Fertilizer Formulation from BiosludgeAB27NABTD40,000
[4]A process for high-throughput analysis of genetic variations in genes related to inherited breast cancerAB29MBD1,30,000
[5]A purely organic, seed dressing bio-fungicide formulation of an improved Trichoderma Virens Mutant Strain with Toxicological and Environment safety dataAB18NABTD2,32,000
[6]A Rapid Composting Technology for decomposition of dry leaves, kitchen waste and temple wasteAB25NABTD25,000
[7]A Rapid, Continuous and Renewable Method for Multiplication Of Ophiorrhiza rugosa as a Source of Anti-Cancer Drug CamptothecinAB01NABTD2,50,000
[8]A Rapid, Reproducible and Sustainable Micropropagation Protocol for Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)AB40NABTD1,10,000
[9]A Technology for Xanthan Gum Production With a BARC StrainAB04FTD2,50,000
[10]Ambient Prolonged Storable Meal for Natural Calamities and Other TargetsAB02FTD25,000
[11]Banana Health DrinkAB33FTD50,000
[12]Bio-available curcumin formulations for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applicationsAB23CD85,000
[13]Biodegradable Films for Food Packaging ApplicationsAB36FTD1,50,000
[14]Biopesticide Based on Bacillus Thuringiensis Subsp. Kenyae HD-549AB03NABTD1,50,000
[15]Biosensor for Methyl ParathionAB28NABTD26,000
[16]Biosensor Kit (Biokit) For Detection of Organophosphate and Organocarbamate PesticidesAB37NABTD50,000
[17]Cold Plasma based Electroporator for Biological transformation (Electroporation)AB22MBD49,000
[18]De-Bittered Bitter Gourd (Karela) juice with high antidiabetic activityAB31FTD1,00,000
[19]Delicious & Preservative free, Shelf Stable Natural Jamun ProductAB41FTD21,000
[20]Development of Instant Fish Soup PowderAB42FTD68,000
[21]Foldable Solar Dryer Video ClipAB05FTD10,000
[22]Gluten Free - Multigrain premixAB39FTD32,000
[23]Mass multiplication medium of Biofungicide Trichoderma spp.AB08NABTD10,000
[24]Microfine Neem BiopesticideAB21NABTD40,000
[25]Microplate based optical biosensor for detection of Methyl ParathionAB35NABTD55,000
[26]Micropropagation of BananaAB10NABTD6,40,000
[27]Micropropagation of PineappleAB44NABTD1,04,000
[28]Minimally processed ready-to-eat (RTE) apple slicesAB38FTD31,000
[29]Partially hydrolyzed guar gum for dietary fiber applicationsAB11FTD2,00,000
[30]Preparation of Biodegradable Packaging Films using Extrusion ProcessAB43FTD2,00,000
[31]Process for De-Bittering Fenugreek Seed ExtractsAB34FTD53,000
[32]Process For Long Lasting Ready- To- Eat (RTE) Intermediate Moisture (IM) Fruit CubesAB20FTD20,000
[33]Process for Retaining Pericarp Colour and Extending Shelf Life Of LitchiAB12FTD82,000
[34]Production of Turmeric Based Nutraceutical - TURBOVITAAB30RPCD3,00,000
[35]Safe and Prolonged Storable Legume Sprouts and Sweet Corn KernelsAB45FTD15,600
[36]Shelf Stable Oil Free Potato Chips of Different FlavorsAB46FTD25,000
[37]Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit (SOCDK)AB13NABTD50,000
[38]Solar DryerAB14FTD48,000
[39]Trichoderma Chitinase Gene Construct for Plant TransformationAB16NABTD2,00,000
[40]Trichoderma gst Gene Construct to enhance tolerance to abiotic stressAB17NABTD2,00,000
[41]Vibro thermal disinfestor (VTD) Video ClipAB19FTD20,000
Advanced Instrumentation
Our Licensees
Advanced Instrumentation
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]60 kW RF Broadband Dual Directional CouplerAI23RRCAT1,00,000
[2]Compact Full Range Vacuum Gauge with Electronic Control Unit (FRVG)AI01TPD4,35,000
[3]Compact High Stability High voltage Power Supply (5kV/2mA)AI14TPD75,000
[4]D/H Mass SpectrometerAI02TPD3,00,000
[5]Digital Nano-AmmeterAI15VECC11,500
[6]Distress Alarm Device- NIRBHAYAAI03ED3,00,000
[7]Fast Current Transformer (FCT)Al24APPD66,000
[8]Helium Leak DetectorAI19TPD3,00,000
[9]High Temperature Vertical DilatometerAI11CHD4,00,000
[10]High-stability, Current-controlled, Card-based, True-bipolar, Switch-mode Power Converter for ElectromagnetsAl30RRCAT1,50,000
[11]High-stability, Current-controlled, Card-based, Unipolar, Switch-mode Power Converter for ElectromagnetsAI29RRCAT1,35,000
[12]Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS)AI04TPD9,60,000
[13]Laser Vibrometer (Kampan)AI12LPTD2,22,700
[14]Laser-Screen Projectile VelocimeterAI16L&PTD1,62,000
[15]Low Temperature (10-300 K) Semi-adiabatic Heat Pulse CalorimeterAI20CHD7,00,000
[16]Optical SpectrometerAI06PED3,00,000
[18]Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS)
(Optional accessory: Data Acquisition system for QMS)
[19]Radio Frequency Amplifier Modules (RFAM)Al27RRCAT2,00,000
[20]Radio Frequency Directional Power SensorAI22RRCAT2,00,000
[21]RFID based Hand Held Reader for Attendance RecordingAI13VECC1,10,000
[22]RFID Reader/ Writer for Library Management SystemAI18VECC79,000
[23]Rigid Coaxial TransitionsAl28RRCAT30,000
[24]Seismic Switch (Analog)AI08RTD4,08,000
[25]Seismic Switch (Digital)AI09RTD5,02,000
[26]Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS)AI31EmA&ID14,20,000
[27]Triode Sputter Ion Pumps
(Optional accessory: Compact SMPS for this Pump)
[28]Ultra Sensitive-Flexi Range Pulsating Sensor Based Conductivity MeterAI21IGCAR1,24,000
[29]Variable Collimated Hollow Laser Beam GeneratorAI25RRCAT20,000
Our Licensees
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]100kW, 35kV Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Gun Column for Metallurgical ApplicationEG17APPD6,72,000
[2]12 kW, 80 kV Electron Beam Welding (EBW) MachineEG01LPTD6,30,000
[3]140J, 225kV, 6kA, Flash X-ray generatorEG02APPD9,90,000
[4]70 kJ, 25 kV Electromagnetic Manufacturing Equipment (EME)
(Optional accessory: Capacitor Charging Power Supply (CCPS) for EME)
10,20,000+2% royalty 3,60,000
[5]Advanced Master Slave Manipulator (MSMs) [ Package of (ERM) and (TPM) technologies]EG04DRHR3,50,000
[6]Advanced PC based Acoustic Emission Analyser for Non -Destructive Testing & EvaluationEG05CNID5,00,000
[7]Air Plasma TorchEG10LPTD1,200,000
[8]Bhabha KavachEG08MMDRs. 5,00,000 + Royalty Rs. 2,00,000 per annum
[9]BLDC Motor Based 5 HP Solar Water PumpEG13CSDD1,80,000
[10]Compact Pulsed Plasma Based High Pressure Shock Wave Generators for Constrained Liquid Immersed SpacesEG09APPD8,50,000
[11]Composite Metal Membrane Reactor for Production/Separation/Recovery of High-purity HydrogenEG14MDS3,30,000 + 2% royalty on annual sale
[12]Emergency Leakage Arresting Device Video ClipEG06DRHR1,92,000
[13]Liquid Helium (LHe) DewarEG12CrTD5,00,000
[14]Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System for Vaccine - Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY-V)EG18RRCAT9,20,000
[15]Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System- Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY)EG16RRCAT9,20,000
[16]Mixed-Matrix Membrane Diaphragm for Separator Applications in Electrochemical CellsEG15MDS1,00,000
[17]RF/Microwave SubstratesEG11RRCAT7,00,000
[18]Robotic System for Stacking Objects using Machine VisionEG07DRHR3,00,000
Our Licensees
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]A Rapid Composting Technology for decomposition of dry leaves, kitchen waste and temple wasteAB25NABTD25,000
[2]Half Face Mask Dust and Airline Respirators Video ClipMD04HPD2,00,000
[3]Hybrid Granular SBR for Wastewater Treatment (GST)EV05WSCD1,72,000 + 2%
Royalty on annual turnover
[4]NISARGRUNA Biogas plant Based on Biodegradable waste resourceEV01NABTD1,00,000
[5]Particle Aerodynamic Size Separator (PASS)EV03RPAD1,25,000
[6]Portable High Volume Air SamplerEV06IGCAR1,19,000
[7]Preparation of Biodegradable Packaging Films using Extrusion ProcessAB43FTD2,00,000
[8]Smart Radon MonitorEV04RPAD2,25,000
Our Licensees
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]Alkaline Water Electrolyser PlantCH19HWD10,00,000+ 2%
[2]ChemoMechanical Magneto Rheological Finishing (CMMRF) MachineCH01PED2,00,000
[3]Compact and Portable Metal Nano-powder GeneratorCH27PP&EMD1,80,000
[4]Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitor (Model-1)CH32ACD77,000
[5]Dysprosium Doped Calcium Sulphate (CASO4: DY) Phosphor Powder for Theroluminescence DosimetryCH08CHD80,000
[6]Flame Retardant Cotton ClothCH22LPTD2,00,000
[7]High purity tri-methyl gallium (99.999%)CH02CHD6,15,000
[8]High-Efficiency Distillation Columns for Separation of Fluid MixturesCH23HWD10,00,000+2% royalty
[9]Hydrogen Sulfide SensorCH03CHDTPD2,50,000
[10]Large-scale Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube (CNT)CH28G&AMD3,70,000
[11]Laser Dye Pyrromethane 567 & 597 (PM567 & 597)CH17LPTDBOD30,000+30,000
[12]LOW-CARBON FERRO-ALLOYS (FeV, FeMo, FeNb, FeW, FeTi & FeC)CH21MP&CED1,00,000
[13]Magnesium-gallium alloy for the synthesis of trialkylgallium compoundsCH04CHD7,60,000
[14]pH Measurement System For Slurry Batch ProcessCH18ChDOn request
[15]Porous Polysulfone diaphragm as separator in Electrochemical processCH05MDS1,25,000
[16]Portable Room Temperature Ammonia SensorCH06CHD2,35,000
[17]Portable Room Temperature Sulfur Dioxide SensorCH07CHD92,000 + 2% Royalty on sale
[18]Production of abrasive grade Boron Carbide powder (3 tonnes/ annum)CH14MP&CED1,00,000
[19]Production of Intumescent Rigid Polyurethane FoamCH09RTD4,27,000
[20]Production of Titanium diboride (TiB2) powder and densification of TiB2 dense flat shapesCH30MP&CED3,63,000 + 2% royalty on annual sale
[21]Production of Tungsten metal powder and fabrication of Tungsten (W) and Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WHA)CH20MP&CED15,00,000+2% royalty on sale
[22]Production of Zirconium diboride (ZrB2) powder and Fabrication of high density ZrB2 shapesCH31MP&CED4,05,000 + 2% royalty on annual sale
[23]Sodium Hypochlorite Electrolyser Plant (SHEP)CH26ChED17,000
[24]Synthesis of cathode (LiFePO4)/carbon and anode (Li4Ti5O12) material for lithium ion batteryCH16ChD1,50,000
[25]Synthesis of NMC cathode for lithium ion batteryCH24ChD5,00,000
[26]Table Top Static Gas Sensing Unit (Model: TPD-BARC-16CH)CH15TPD94,400
[27]Thermal Analysis Data Station Software SystemCH13CD5,50,000
[28]Ultrapurification of ArsenicCH10CHDOn request
[29]Visual Detection Kit for alcohol content in hand sanitizersCH29NCCCM45,000
[30]Zone Refining UnitCH12CHD2,80,000
Water Technology
Our Licensees
Water Technology
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology CodeTechnology Transfer Fee (in Rs.)
[1]Arsenic Removal Filter for Domestic Water PurificationWT19AMD60,000
[2]Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by physicochemical processWT01MDS25,000
[3]Back-washable Spiral Ultrafiltration Technology for Domestic & Industrial Water PurificationWT02MDS1,50,000
[4]Cellulose based Water purifier for Arsenic removalWT21RTDD73,000
[5]Chlorine Dioxide releasing polymer for water disinfection (CLEAN)WT23WSCD1,10,000
[6]Cr(VI)DK: Chromium (VI) Detection Kit For WaterWT18NCCCM1,00,000
[7]Domestic Water Purification Device Based On Photocatalysis Using Solar LightWT05CHD25,000
[8]Electro Chemical Filter (ECF) for Removal of Nano Particles from Bulk WatersWT06RPCD1,50,000
[9]Fluoride Detection Kit for ground water (FDK)WT07NCCCM4,00,000
[10]High Salt rejecting composite polyamide Revrese Osmosis (RO) membrane for desalinationWT08MDS3,00,000
[11]Membrane Assisted Defluoridation Process for Safe Drinking WaterWT09MDS25,000
[12]Mercury Visual Detection Kit for ground Water [MVDK]WT24NCCCM40,000
[13]Multi Effect Distillation with Thermo Vapour Compression (MED-TVC) Desalination TechnologyWT22DD13,45,936 + 2% Royalty
[14]Nanocomposite Ultrafiltration Membrane Device For Domestic Drinking Water Purification W.R.T. Arsenic, Iron And Microbial ContaminationsWT10MDS2,00,000
[15]On-line Domestic water purifier based on Ultra Filtration Polysulfone membrane Video ClipWT11MDS1,40,000
[16]Preparation of Composite Polyamide Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane for Brackish Water DesalinationWT12MDS2,50,000
[17]Preparation of Thin Film Composite (TFC) Charged Nanofiltration (NF) MembranesWT13MDS2,50,000
[18]Ship borne Desalination Plant/ Fresh Water GeneratorWT14DD2,00,000
[19]Solar Energy Driven Portable Domestic Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (Bwro) TechnologyWT15DD25,000
[20]SP-FeDK: Smartphone based Iron Detection Kit for boiler coolant waterWT25NCCCM78,000
[21]Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic (PV) driven Battery-less Ultrafiltration (UF) Units for Water PurificationWT16DD50,000
[22]Technology for Fluoride Remediation from Water (TFRW) [Available for transfer other than Madhya Pradesh (India)]WT20NCCCM30,000
[23]UF Membrane Assisted Device for removal of Iron from contaminated water for drinking purposesWT17DD25,000

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