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Bhabha Atomic Research Centre offers technical know-how for Technologies Available for Transfer
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Agriculture & Bioscience
Our Licensees
Agriculture & Bioscience
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology Code
[1]A Process for Development of Phosphorus (P) Fertilizer Formulation from BiosludgeAB26NABTD
[2]A Process for Development of Zinc (Zn) Fertilizer Formulation from BiosludgeAB27NABTD
[3]A process for high-throughput analysis of genetic variations in genes related to inherited breast cancerAB29MBD
[4]A purely organic, seed dressing bio-fungicide formulation of an improved Trichoderma Virens Mutant Strain with Toxicological and Environment safety dataAB18NABTD
[5]A Rapid Biocomposting Process for Dry Leaves and Garden WasteAB25NABTD
[6]A rapid, continuous and renewable method for production of the anti-cancer drug CamptothecinAB01NABTD
[7]Ambient Prolonged Storable Meal for Natural Calamities and Other TargetsAB02FTD
[8]An Enzymatic Process for Debittering of Protein Hydrolysates using Immobilized PeptidasesAB24FTD
[9]Bio-available curcumin formulations for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applicationsAB23CD
[10]Biopesticide Based on Bacillus Thuringiensis Subsp. Kenyae HD-549AB03NABTD
[11]Biosensor for Methyl ParathionAB28NABTD
[12]Cold Plasma based Electroporator for Biological transformation (Electroporation)AB22MBD
[13]Cost Effective Production of Xanthan gum (Food and Pharmaceutical Grade)AB04FTD
[14]Foldable Solar Dryer Video ClipAB05FTD
[15]Fruit Vegetable Dip Treatment Machine (FVDTM)AB6FTD
[16]In Situ production and immobilization of Silver Nano ParticlesAB07NABTD
[17]Mass multiplication medium of Biofungicide Trichoderma spp.AB08NABTD
[18]Micro-flow Processor for Microarrays & MembranesAB09MBD
[19]Microfine Neem BiopesticideAB21NABTD
[20]Micropropagation of BananaAB10NABTD
[21]Partially hydrolyzed guar gum for dietary fiber applicationsAB11FTD
[22]Process For Long Lasting Ready- To- Eat (RTE) Intermediate Moisture (IM) Fruit CubesAB20FTD
[23]Process for Retaining Pericarp Colour and Extending Shelf Life Of LitchiAB12FTD
[24]Production of Turmeric Based Nutraceutical - TURBOVITANew TechnologyAB30RPCD
[25]Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit (SOCDK)AB13NABTD
[26]Solar DryerAB14FTD
[27]Solar Power DryerAB15FTD
[28]Trichoderma Chitinase Gene Construct for Plant TransformationAB16NABTD
[29]Trichoderma gst Gene Construct to enhance tolerance to abiotic stressAB17NABTD
[30]Vibro thermal disinfestor (VTD) Video ClipAB19FTD
Water Technology
Our Licensees
Water Technology
Sr. No.Technology NameTechnology Code
[1]Arsenic Removal Filter for Domestic Water PurificationWT19AMD
[2]Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by physicochemical processWT01MDS
[3]Back-washable Spiral Ultrafiltration Technology for Domestic & Industrial Water PurificationWT02MDS
[4]Cr(VI)DK: Chromium (VI) Detection Kit For WaterWT18NCCCM
[5]Dip N Drink Membrane PouchWT04MDS
[6]Domestic Water Purification Device Based On Photocatalysis Using Solar LightWT05CHD
[7]Electro Chemical Filter (ECF) for Removal of Nano Particles from Bulk WatersWT06RPCD
[8]Fluoride Detection Kit for ground water (FDK)WT07NCCCM
[9]High Salt rejecting composite polyamide Revrese Osmosis (RO) membrane for desalinationWT08MDS
[10]Membrane Assisted Defluoridation Process for Safe Drinking WaterWT09MDS
[11]Nanocomposite Ultrafiltration Membrane Device For Domestic Drinking Water Purification W.R.T. Arsenic, Iron And Microbial ContaminationsNew TechnologyWT10MDS
[12]On-line Domestic water purifier based on Ultra Filtration Polysulfone membrane Video ClipWT11MDS
[13]Preparation of Composite Polyamide Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane for Brackish Water DesalinationWT12MDS
[14]Preparation of Thin Film Composite (TFC) Charged Nanofiltration (NF) MembranesWT13MDS
[15]Ship borne Desalination Plant/ Fresh Water GeneratorWT14DD
[16]Solar Energy Driven Portable Domestic Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (Bwro) TechnologyWT15DD
[17]Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic (PV) driven Battery-less Ultrafiltration (UF) Units for Water PurificationWT16DD
[18]Technology for Fluoride Remediation from Water (TFRW) [Available for transfer other than Madhya Pradesh (India)]WT20NCCCM
[19]UF Membrane Assisted Device for removal of Iron from contaminated water for drinking purposesWT17DD

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