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Reactor Operations Division (ROD) is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient operation of the Research Reactors Cirus, Dhruva, Apsara-U, Critical Facility (CF) of AHWR and P4 facility for special experiments, at BARC Trombay. While Dhruva and Apsara-U are operated continuously on round the clock basis. CF and P4 are operated as per the researchers need. Apsara-U, a 2 MWth upgraded Apsara, has gone critical on September 10, 2018. The Cirus reactor was shut down permanently on 31st December 2010. Decommissioning of Cirus also falls under the purview of ROD.
The major activities of ROD include:
Safe and efficient operation of the research reactors.
Production of Radio-isotopes to meet the ever growing demand of radio isotopes for medical, industrial and agricultural applications.
Commissioning and subsequent operation of new Research reactor/Critical facility projects at BARC.
Providing and maintaining facilities for neutron beam research.
Testing of Fuels and Nuclear Materials for Nuclear Power programme.
Providing short term irradiation facilities for Neutron activation analysis.
In plant training of scientific and technical staff.
Providing expertise support to AERB and BSC for regulatory and safety review assignments.



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