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Waste Management Division is mandated with
• Safe collection, transportation & segregation of various types of radioactive wastes generated by Fuel cycle facilties and radiological laboratories of BARC, Trombay.

• Treatment/conditioning of radioactive wastes to minimize waste volume and to result in to a chemical durable product to ascertain isolation of radionuclide from human environment. The process effluent containing small traces of radioactivity are further diluted and discharged ensuring well below the limit set by regulatory authorities realising 'Near Zero Discharge' concepts.
• Recovery of valuable radionuclide, such as Cs-137, Sr-90, Ru-106, from nuclear waste for deployment in various societal applications realising 'Wealth from Waste'.
• Disposal of radioactive solid waste, after applying suitable treatment for volume reduction, in engineered modules to contain/ isolate the radionuclide from the environment.
• Management of spent radiation sources received from various users like industries, healthcare centre, agricultural, R & D institutes and universities from north-East-West part of the country.
• Applied development studies relevant to radioactive waste management for technological up gradation, recovery of valuable radionuclide from nuclear waste, improvement in matrices, performance / capacity enhancement of treatment processes and characterization of different components of Engineered Barrier System for repository.
• An advisory role on radioactive waste management approaches to AERB, NPCIL, IRE, UCIL, BRIT and IAEA through various technical meetings / conferences and support for preparation of technical documents on radioactive waste safety.
• Organizing training programme for strengthening human resource base for back-end of fuel cycle, public awareness activities through lectures / invited talks, technical visits to the facilities.



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