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Process Development Division (PSDD) of Nuclear Recycle Group has been mandated with the development of safe, efficient and environmentally green processes for the back end of fuel cycle. Wide span of research activities ranging from the laboratory scale process development to plant scale adoption for reprocessing and radioactive waste management applications are being carried out in the division. Development of the state-of-the-art process equipment forms an integral part of the divisional activities. PSDD also extends necessary technical support to the various other existing back end facilities of Nuclear Recycle Board. The R&D support takes the form of improved processes, cross cut technologies, enhanced throughputs, trouble shooting during operations, waste volume reduction and efforts to lower environmental discharges.
PSDD also has the mandate for development of advanced separation processes to achieve selective separation of radionuclides from nuclear waste and subsequently utilize these for various medical and industrial purposes. PSDD is engaged in the production and regular supply of Ru-106 plaques for eye cancer treatment through BRIT. PSDD has successfully indigenised various advanced melting techniques such as Cold Crucible Induction Melting, Induction Skull Melting and Induction Levitation Melting. PSDD is also involved in a number of development activities such as Nuclear Battery, Radiation Heating Unit etc. in collaboration with other Groups of BARC.


(10/2020) Ru-106 Based Brachytherapy Sources for Treatment of Eye Cancer

(10/2020) State-of-the-Art Induction Skull Melting Technology

(10/2020) State-of-the-Art Cold Crucible Induction Melting Technology


(2020-10-11/2025-01-01) Ru-106 Eye Cancer Treatment Plaque Development Facility

(2020-10-11/2025-01-01) Thermal analysis facility , Process Developemnt Division

(2020-10-11/2025-01-01) Induction Leviation Melting Facility


(2020-10-11/2025-01-01) Cold Crucible Induction Melting Facility

(2017-05-15/2025-01-01) SEM-EDX

(2017-05-15/2025-01-01) X-Ray Diffractometer

Technologies Developed

(22-07-2019) Ru-106 Based Brachytherapy Sources for Treatment of Eye Cancer

Process and technology has been developed for the production of Ru-106 based brachytherapy sources. Presently, we have two type of source configarations which are being used for treatment of eye cancers at different hospitals in India.

Show Cases


Ru-106 Based Brachytherapy Sources for Treatment of Eye Cancer


Handing over of Ru-106 Eye Plaques to Chairman, BRIT by Director, BARC along with AD, NRG on July 22, 2019


Induction Leviation Melting Facility


Induction Leviation Melting


Induction Skull Melting Facility


Cold Crucible Induction Melting


Successful Deployment of Ru-106 Based Brachytherapy Sources for Treatment of Eye Cancer at AIIMS, New Delhi


Solvent Development Laboratory, Process Developemnt Division.