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Development of advanced glasses, ceramics and glass- ceramics based materials for energy, biomedical, defence, space, nuclear and high temperature sealing applications .
Generation of Thermo-Physical & defect Property database of Nuclear materials, e.g., Thoria-based Mixed oxides (MOX) and metallic fuels; Fe-Zr alloys and natural & synthetic minerals as hosts for metallic waste immobilization through modeling and simulations.
Development of multiscale model for radiation damage & its analysis
Science and engineering of carbon based materials including carbon nanomaterials, C-C composites and coatings for structural, functional and energy storage applications.
Development of SiC fiber/SiC matrix composite materials for accident tolerant structural and cladding applications in the area of Nuclear, Aerospace and Defense Technologies.
Micro-engineering & process optimization for development of oxide and non-oxide ceramics materials and shapes with desired microstructure & properties.
Fabrication of pyrex/quartz based glass devices for various applications.



Drawing of SiC fiber through melt spinning, its curing and conversion to SiC fiber by pyrolysis.

(6/2020) Generation of defect Property database of Thoria

Thermo-physical and defect property database have been generated for Thoria-based mixed oxides (MOX) fuels, incorporation of fission gases (He,Xe) in MOX fuels have also been examined.

(6/2020) Assessment of Fe-Zr alloys and natural & synthetic minerals as hosts for metallic waste immobilization

Thermodynamical, dynamical & mechanical stability of Fe-Zr alloys and natural & synthetic minerals as a function of T, P & in-presence of FP have been studied.


SiCf-SiCm composites for accident tolerant fuel tube & other nuclear applications have been developed.


Fabrication of Glass/Glass ceramics- to-metal/alloy seals for various departmental applications.


Development of Ceramic to metal joining for prototype accelerator tube (PAT) & fast current transformer (FCT).


Development of Yttria loaded alumina silicate glass microsphere for Hepato-cellular carcinoma (HCC) radiotherapy application.


Technology development for large scale synthesis of Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT)


Bhabha Kavach, a light weight bullet proof jacket of level III & III+, capable of stopping mild/ hard steel core bullets from AK-47 is devloped and deployed.


Development of processes for synthesis of various grades of pre- ceramic polymer (polycarbosilane) for making SiC fiber and SiC composites/components



Pyrex/quartz based device fabrication

Technologies Developed

Show Cases