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1. Planning, scheduling and carrying out industrial hygiene and safety surveillance activities in occupational environment at the various operating facilities of BARC
2. Industrial Safety Management and implementation of accident prevention programme including Safety inspections, accident investigation, database maintenance, analysis and reporting
3. HRD activities in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Safety motivation
4 . Scrutiny of new project proposal from health and safety point of view.
5. Contribution to project safety reviews through HAZOP study review, Job Hazard Analysis report preparation/review as part of fulfilment of regulatory requirements/consent procedures.
6. Contribution in deliberations of CFSRC, DSRCs. ULSCs and PLSCs on issues pertinent to industrial hygiene and safety aspects.
7. Extend assistance and expertise for execution of conventional emergency preparedness plan.
8. Planning, organising and executing all pertinent R&D activities in the field of industrial hygiene and safety.
9. Carry out calibration of safety related equipment and testing of personal protective equipment.
10. Develop knowledge sharing platform w.r.t. industrial hygiene and safety through safety network and initiate safety quality circles in each group.
11. Extend the industrial hygiene and safety expertise to other DAE Units.



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