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To work towards the growth of applied physics domain in the areas of Crystals, Nuclear Detectors, Gas Sensors, Synchrotron Instrumentation, Thermoelectrics and UHV based surface analytical instruments.
To develop fixed, portable and compact high intensity neutron generators for variety of basic and applied research including fast neutron radiography, material damage studies, explosive detection and fissile material detection.
To carry out R&D work for Superconductivity, X-ray & Neutron Imaging, Organic/polymer/Nano-phase thin films and molecular devices.
To maintain and operate Liquid Helium Plant.
Translation of R&D developments to commercial applications through technology transfer.



(2020-11-01/2025-12-31) Electrical-characterisation system

A set up for measuring electrical characteristics of materials/devices using voltage source/picoammeter is set up and is in regular use.

(2020-11-01/2025-12-31) Thermal evaporation system

A high vacuum thermal evaporation system with ultimate vacuum about 10-7 torr, four filaments for deposition of four materials, automated sequential deposition etc. is being installed.


Large area X-ray imaging / Tomography Facility 
\r\nThere was a need to develop X-ray imaging system incorporating available off-the-shelf components to image large objects as well as perform tomography. In this direction of work a a large area X-ray imaging / tomography facility has been designed and developed using a large area scintillator, front coated mirror and scientific grade CCD camera. The system can image object having dimension 600 mm x 400 mm at one go. The system is under regular use by various divisions of BARC for samples of departmental interest such as PUF blocks, graphite fuel tubes, MTR vessel.

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) X-ray Micro-Imaging Lab

X-ray Micro-imaging / Tomography Facility 

X-ray micro-imaging facility for NDT/NDE of small samples has been developed. The facility comprises of micro-focus X-ray tubes and various types of detectors such as X-ray CCD camera, X-ray Flat panel, scintillator-mirror-CCD combination detector. The choice of the detectors depends on the sample type, size and resolution requirement. Tomography resolution ~10 microns can be achieved in this facility. This facility is under constant use by various divisions of BARC for samples of both research and strategic purpose such as material distribution in developmental fuel pins for reactor applications, EM method welding qualification towards fuel clad development, low density metal foams, graphite and SiC coated samples, carbon composites, brachytherapy catherters, special valves etc.

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) Purnima Neutron Generator Facility

DD/DT based Purnima Neutron Generator Facility

Purnima neutron generator facility is an indigenously developed 300 keV DC accelerator based neutron generator. It produces mono-energetic fast neutrons upto 5E+10 n/sby D-D&D-T reactions. The neutron generator has been upgraded with highly regulated 300 kV DC accelerating power supply, beam optics supplies to produce stable neutron yield and ECIL make PLC based interlock system for its safe operation. DCCT/ACCT has been incorporated to measure online beam current. The neutron generator is being used for many experiments such as ADS, neutron radiography, neutron damage study, neutron activation analysis, detector testing etc.

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) Facilities for Organic Devices

Organic Solar Cells,
Pervoskite Solar Cells
Polymer Solar Cells,
Flexible Organic Solar Module,
Super Hydrophobic Polypyrrole Films,
Replacement of expensive platinum with Ppy in Dye sensitized Solar Cells,
Flexible Polymer Solar Cells

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) Facilities for Gas Sensing Activities

MBE machine for growth of thin epitaxial films ,
High vacuum system for deposition of metallic films,
RF/DC Sputtering system for deposition of oxide/metallic films.,
E-beam evaporator for oxide films ,
Two stage spin Coating unit,
16-channel data acquisition system,
Gas sensing measurement unit,
I-V measurement set up,
XPS system for chemical state analysis ,
Kelvin Probe for work function measurement,

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) Facilities for Thin Film Devices

Facilities for Thin Film Devices , Facilities for Thermoelectric Devices

(2019-01-01/2025-12-31) Facilities for Crystal Growth

Single Crystal Growth ,
Czochralski crystal Growth ,
Bridgman Crystal Growth ,
Vacuum Bridgman Technique,
Modified Bridgman-Stockberger technique

Technologies Developed

Show Cases