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A&SED is responsible for Architectural, Structural & PH design of Nuclear Facilities and Industrial plants of national Importance. It is also involved in planning and designing of Residential, institutional and administration buildings and complex. It is also actively involved in Landscaping development and maintenance of gardens. This division is also involved in Seismic evaluation and requalification of existing Reinforced Concrete Structures. The Division focuses on development of various tools for effective and optimised design results.



(2021-01-04/2023-10-09) Drawings Generation and Printing Facility

Structural and Architectural works in A&SED involves the generation of huge numbers of drawing for various projects every year. A&SED has the largest drawing generation facility with experienced draughtsman in BARC. All size drawings printing facility is also available in A&SED.

Technologies Developed

Show Cases


RMRC at Rajarahat, Kolkata