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The mandate of the division is to carry out basic and applied research of excellence and relevance to Water cooled nuclear reactors to minimise corrosion to ensure integrity of structural materials in the primary, secondary and tertiary circuits, to minimise corrosion product and activity transport in the PHT circuits by stringent water chemistry control and modelling, decontamination of PHT system to reduce the man-rem problem of maintenance people of water cooled reactors, to minimise Steam Generator fouling to maintain better heat transfer efficiency in secondary circuits and to minimise biofouling and its control in tertiary cooling water circuits to avoid the failure of condenser tube materials. Advance the frontier of environmental sustainability of operational nuclear plant through biofouling research and deployment of spinoff technologies for societal benefits. Besides all these activities, based on R&D, waste water treatment methodology developed and engineering facilities are devised to apply to societal needs.



Technologies Developed

Show Cases