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To develop and deploy customized multi-disciplinary systems for challenging applications of national importance. The focus is on the entire life cycle from concept to commissioning meeting requisite qualification standards. This division is currently involved in design and development of C&I systems for compact LWRs and advanced LWRs, safety critical and mission critical software for NPPs, various NDT techniques for in-service inspection in nuclear applications, sensing systems for online process parameter estimation for BARC and different DAE units. It is also involved in development of Electric motor technology, control and drives and associated power electronics, high precision servo motion control for small and large Antenna and telescope pedestals and gimbals for ground stations, airborne, shipborne and road mobile application with stabilization requirements. The aim is to provide engineering solutions to unique and unconventional requirements in various fields in a collaborative manner within DAE and with other organisations of national importance.


(7/2020) Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) : Prototype completed

Towards the commitment in the fight against Covid-19, CnID has developed a prototype belt mount PAPR unit supplying filtered air through snorkeling full face mask. These masks have separate inhalation and exhalation channels. The PAPR will be useful for medical doctors, anesthesiologist, surgeons for ‘sterile-field’ procedures and other health care workers. It can also be used as full positive pressure respirator in radiological labs.

(1/2020) Field trial and validation of 6" and 10" External Pipeline Inspection Gauge at BARC

(6/2019) Development of Digital Lock-in Amplifier

A prototype dual-phase digital lockin amplifier has been developed. The instrument has a bandwidth of 250 kHz, a dynamic reserve of more than 100 dB, time constant more than 400 sec and roll off up to 80 dB/decade.

(6/2019) Development of low inductance, film-foil, high voltage pulse capacitors

A facility for the manufacturing of prototype low inductance, film-foil pulse capacitors at Control Instrumentation Division is successfully commissioned & is operational. This facility can be used for development of customized low inductance film-foil pulse capacitors of different ratings and sizes

(6/2018) MACE Telescope Control Servo System

Designed, developed, integrated & commissioned Telescope Control Servo System for 200 tons MACE Telescope at Hanle. The TCSS consists of Servo System which is used for the positioning of the AZ & AL axis to an position accuracy of 1 arc minute and Active Mirror Alignment Control System(AMCS) which corrects the effect by realigning individual 356 mirror panels to restore focus on camera plane at different Elevations of the Telescope.

(6/2018) Stabilised Tracker for the Imaging and Mono-pulse Radar Brahmos Seeker :Successfully developed the Stabilized Antenna Gimbal and its high performance servo control system

CnID has successfully developed the Stabilized Antenna Gimbal and its high performance servo control system which has been integrated with the mono-pulse Radar developed by ECIL. After extensive trails for qualification, it was successfully deployed in the test firing of Brahmos Missile at Pokhran Test range.

(12/2017) Development of EC based process vessel inspection system and its validation at BARC

(10/2017) Successful measurements of pressure pulsation at reactor inlet header (RIH) of TAPS#3 & #4 with a completely in-house developed prototype system along with analysis report as per urgent requirement of NPCIL

(6/2017) Antenna Control System for Ship borne System

An Antenna Control System for a multirole Ship borne terminals of 4.6” dia parabolic dish reflector with three axis support structure has been designed, developed and commissioned to support ISRO’s mission to track Launch Vehicles and spacecraft and re-entry capsules.


Technologies Developed

Show Cases


Third MoU between BARC and Indian Oil Corporation


An inspection tool with its signal processing software showing typical pipe features


Inspection run at fire water pipeline at R&D Center, Tarapur