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MAR-APR 2021
Vol. : 374

Facility to test the compatibility of materials in molten salts for MSBR applications.

Poulami Chakraborty, Rumu H. Banerjee, Nachiket Keskar, Raghvendra Tewari and Vivekanand Kain

Development and Demonstration of Model Transfer Cask for Automated Handling of Canisters in Storage Vaults

Kiran T. Badgujar, ArkelRamesh, Anjali Iyer, Kunjman Singh and K. V. Ravi

Development of In-situ X-ray imaging and u-CT facility under load conditions at imaging beamline Indus-2

Ashish K. Agarwal, Payal Singhai, B. Singh, Yogesh Kashyap and Mayank Shukla