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Bhabha Kavach
(Light-weight Ballistic Resistant Armour Panel)
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Bhabha Kavach

Bhabha Kavach is an armour panel which gives personal protection against bullets of different threat levels. A special process developed in BARC is used to create panels offering Level III and Level III+ protection and these are much lighter than currently available armours..

Bhabha Kavach
Quick View Leaflet

BARC has developed a special process to strengthen high molecular weight polyethylene resulting in high ballistic performance composite sheets (called BARC Nano-Sheets). Bhabha Kavach made up of BARC Nano-Sheets are lighter in weight with reduced trauma level with respect to the existing jackets.

Level III BR Jackets with Bhabha Kavach (protection against SLR, AK-47 mild steel core) weigh less than 5 kg with trauma less than 20 mm.

Level III + BR Jackets with Bhabha Kavach (protection against SLR, AK-47 hard steel core) weigh around 6.8 kg with trauma less than 15 mm. Here, hot pressed boron carbide tiles backed with BARC Nano-Sheet (both developed by BARC) are used.

Stand-alone Bhabha Kavach, where no SAP is required is also available and weigh less than 3.5 kg for Level III protection and 5.3 kg for Level III+ protection.

This technology is developed for the welfare of Armed Forces and Government Authorities. Only reputed organisations shall be considered for the transfer of this technology.

Who Should apply

Interested parties with Engineering & Scientific knowledge, good financial background and adequate experience of products manufacturing & fabrication with technical capability in the area of interested technology and having or interested in setting –up facilities for production would be preferred.

How to apply

Send your Technology Transfer Application form duly filled and signed alongwith a Demand Draft/Bankers cheque of Rs. 500/- (for Indian entities) or US $50/- (for foreign entities) drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, BARC” as application processing fee on following address: 

Head, Technology Transfer and Collaboration Division 
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
Trombay, Mumbai – 400 085, India.

Fax : +91-22-25505151

Note:Applications without processing fee as applicable above of Rs. 500/- or US $50/- for each technology will not be considered.

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Contact Us

Technology Transfer and Collaboration Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
Trombay, Mumbai 400 085.

Fax : 091-022- 25505151
Email : technology@barc.gov.in

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