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Research in select areas of theoretical Physics and applied Mathematics. Present focus includes modelling advanced electron sources having high brightness and low emittance, space-charge affected electron beams and development of indigenous particle-in-cell code PASUPAT for front-line research.



(2018-04-23/2024-12-31) PIC Code PASUPAT

PASUPAT is Three dimensional Fully relativistic PIC code for self-consistent modelling of electromagnetics problesm.
The code is available on ANUPAM Supercomputing facility of Computer Division, BARC as well as Megh Cloud computing System at BARC.
Interest users inside BARC may also download a PASUPAT virtual machine to work on their own desktop.

Technologies Developed

(04-11-2020) Hybrid Method to model field emission from Compound emitting structures

A hybrid method to model computationally resource intensive problem of field emission from gated compound structures has been developed at AM&TPS.

(23-04-2017) PIC Code PASUPAT

A three dimensional fully relativistic electromagnetic PIC code to carry out simulation in Electromagnetics and Charged Particle Dynamics. Interested users may see following link

Show Cases