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Image Processing & Machine Vision Section is involved in the development of technology for Computer based Intelligent Systems. The mandate of the division is in the planning, design and building of in-house systems with implementation of Image Processing (IP), Analysis, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Vision algorithms, and deployment of these systems to the user labs.
IP based software can be effectively used to provide solutions to a variety of applications relevant to nuclear facilities, other than nuclear industries, and physical security. It carries out computerized analysis for automatic inspection, image enhancement, object segmentation, shape analysis, and so on. The systems are meant for various scientific and engineering applications including machine inspection and authentication of user identity by biometrics e.g. employing Face Recognition, Hand based multibiometric (fusion of Finger crease, Palm print & Hand geometry), etc. The advantages of using IP software/systems include objective decision making, operational consistency, capability of statistical quantitative analysis, reduced man-rem exposure, and decrease of burden of manual inspection.



Technologies Developed

Show Cases