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How to Reach BARC

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Q1. How can I reach BARC?

A1. Please visit How to Reach Section of this website.

Q2. What is North Gate (NG) or South Gate (SG)?

A2.Entry to BARC premises is mainly through two gates the North Gate and the South Gate.

Access to North Gate is through Anushakti Nagar while South Gate is from Oil Refinery/ Tata Power Station Side.

Q3. Is there e any Telephone booth/facility to contact any employee inside the BARC office?

A3. Four to five house phones are installed at BARC Security reception area both at North Gate and South Gate.

Q4.  I am coming by my own /private vehicle for a meeting. Is there any parking facility nearby?

A4.Anushakti Nagar and BARC are restricted areas. It is only for official/residents and not open to public. Private vehicles are not allowed to approach near the Reception area of NG/SG. However, for official work one can bring the vehicle and park it outside the North gate, the parking place. Four/two wheeler parking is located on Ragmala Road towards Mandala.  If you are coming by auto-rickshaw ply either from Central Avenue Road or Ragmala Road towards North Gate, it is advisable that you park, alight and board from earmarked locations.

Q5.  If I am coming inside the BARC by invitation. What should I carry and not to carry with me?

A5. Entry into the BARC premises is strictly by invitation. A Casual Entry Permit (CEP) is to be filled up much in advance by the invitee official from BARC, before visiting BARC and one should carry the following:

  • Valid identity proof with photographs like, Company Photo ID Card, Valid Passport, Voter Card, PAN card etc. Mumbai suburban monthly pass is not valid proof.
  • Do not carry any electronic items like digital diary, pager, Remote keys, Camera, binoculars, Film rolls (Exposed & unexposed), laptops, Palmtops etc.
  • Do not carry any mobile and FM/Radio enabled devices.
  • Do not carry any portable storage device like Floppies, CDROM, DVD, Pen Drives, portable hard disk, Memory Stick.
  • Do not carry any other personal articles which are not required for official work.
  • Inform the concerned officer over his/her extension from the North/South Gate reception.
  • For more details you may contact the Security Officer on duty at the reception.
  • Please be seated at the reception and wait for the concerned officer.
  • After verification of documents like ID proof, CEP application and presence of invitee official/escort official, a temporary card will be issued by the Security officer. Your visit to BARC is restricted to the locations mentioned on the CEP.
  • During the visit to BARC, always display/carry the temporary card.

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