THERMOLUMINESCENT DOSIMETER (TLD) BADGE A TLD badge based on CaSO4: Dy Teflon discs has been designed and is in  regular Personnel Monitoring use since 1975. The TLD badge has shown   satisfactory performance for monitoring beta and gamma doses of radiation workers. At present about 40,000 radiation workers are covered with TLD monitoring service in our nuclear industry, medical and industrial institutions as well as research institutions. 
The complete Personnel Monitoring TLD badge consists of a TLD card and a plastic cassette for holding the TLD card. The badge is affixed to the clothing of a person with the help of a crocodile clip attached to the badge.

Its application areas are :

  • Measurement  of output from Co-60 units and accelerators used in medicine and industry.
  • Measurement of output from other kilocurie irradiation sources.
  • Area  survey  of  medical  (diagnostic  and  therapeutic) and industrial radiographic installations.
  • Measurement of stray and leakage radiation around X-ray tubes and source containers.
  • Monitoring of high levels of contamination from beta sources.
  • Medical radiographic exposure measurement and population exposure survey studies.
  • Estimation  of activities of various radionuclides used in brachytherapy and nuclear medicine.
  • To  measure  dose  rates  in  rectum  and  bladder of patient undergoing treatment with Cobalt on  Cesium  implants  for  carcinoma  of  uterine  cervix.
  • Personnel Monitoring.


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