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Distress Alarm Device (Safety Products) NIRBHAYA-GSM
A Mobile independent Distress Alarm Device

  • Application Areas:
    • It has a societal application and assures that help is on hand, when it is needed. It will be of great use in case of sudden attacks, accidents, kidnappings etc. This would also be beneficial for old persons suffering from memory loss conditions like Alzheimer or Parkinson
  • Technology Transfer Fee: Rs.3.0 Lakhs
  • Infrastructure and manpower requirements
    • Standard Electronic fabrication, assembly and testing facility.  Test equipments for measuring voltage and current and for calibration, DVM with 0.1V resolution. Provision to import some components if not available locally
    • PICKIT3 Programmer for device programming
    • MPLAB-X IDE with CCS compiler
    • One experienced Electronics Engineer and one assistant / Technician required for production, testing and calibration of the instrument.More

Note: Note: The know-how is offered in the form of technology document containing detailed drawings, specifications, fabrication, assembly and testing procedures, process description, equipment required, sources of material supplies, scope and caution as applicable to each technology. BARC will also arrange training for the personnel for a few days as needed for that specific technology.

Contact Persons:

  1. Smt. Smita Mule, Email: smule@barc.gov.in, Phone: 022-25593896
  2. Shri BSVG Sharma, Email: technology@barc.gov.in, Phone: 022-25595137