Robotic System for Stacking Objects using Machine Vision

Robotic System for Stacking Objects using Machine Vision

With the increasing demand for high quality assurance, manufacturers have to ensure that production lines employ the latest in measurement and manufacturing technology. Very often, it is challenging to maintain tight tolerance of components produced through compaction, extrusion and other gross manufacturing techniques. It is then required to pick components intelligently and stack them together for attaining desired length of final assembly.

In order to perform these intricate operations, BARC has developed a vision based robotic system that enables measurement of component lengths with accuracy up to 100 micron. To do so, components are carried along a conveyor into vision station. In the station, images of the top surface are captured by a pair of high resolution line scan cameras and used for accurate length measurement. Thereafter, intelligent algorithm guides the industrial robot to rearrange components so as to meet tolerance of ± 1 mm for the final assembly.


  • Length measurement with accuracy of 100 micron for 14 -18 mm small cylindrical objects
  • Final assembly length can be up to half meter with tolerance of ± 1 mm
  • Algorithm for minimizing assembly cycle time
  • Ideal for replacing repetitive, tiring and inefficient manual operations


  • General manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • In process quality inspection

Infrastructural requirements

  • Working space of about 500 sqft for installing robot and conveyor
  • Suitable Industrial Robot for autonomous assembly of objects
  • Electronics lab for testing cameras and interfacing cards
  • High end computer for image processing
  • Computer for development of robot motion program and intelligent assembly


Skilled manpower is required for following activities:

  • Technician for fabrication, assembly and maintenance of mechanical components and assemblies
  • Electronics engineer for calibration of cameras, interfacing with frame grabber, setting of parameters and testing of measurement results
  • One engineer with knowledge of robot motion programming for customizing the robot program as per user requirement

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