kVp Meter and Exposure Timer

kVp Meter and Exposure Timer

The “kVp Meter & Exposure Timer” provides a convenient and fast method of measuring the effective kilo Peak Voltage (kVp) and exposure time of Diagnostic X-ray machines. A non-invasive method, wherein the ratio of response of X-ray detectors located under filters of different thickness is correlated for the measurement of kVp.

The instrument consists of a Readout Unit and a Detector unit which are interfaced using RS-232 communication. Detector Unit and Reader Unit are based on low power microcontroller from ATMEL 89C8252. The instrument has features of automatic reset before new measurement, distance independent operation between Detector unit and X-ray target, measurement of kVp and exposure time in a single exposure and user friendly 16 digits and two line alphanumeric LC display. The instrument is light weight and calibrated in standard X-ray machines, which are in turn calibrated with a standard potential divider method.

  • Range
: Voltage : 50 kVp to 125 kVp (with accuracy of ± 3 kVp)
  : Time : 10 mSec to 9999 mSec (with accuracy of ± 5 mSec)
  • Power Supply
: 1.5V*4 Battery Cell (for Reader Unit)
  : 6V Re-chargeable battery pack (for Detector Unit)


  • Calibration of new Diagnostics X-ray machine.

  • For use in hospitals in X-ray facility.

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