Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor with Monitor (Model: TPD-BARC 1050)

Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor with Monitor (Model: TPD-BARC 1050)

H2S is widely used either as a process gas or it is a byproduct in laboratories and different industries e.g. heavy water plants, oil and gas industries, pulp and paper industries, sewage treatment plants and chemical industries. H2S is highly toxic and flammable gas and its exposure in high doses can affect the human’s nervous system. H2S has long-term (8 h) and short-term (10 minutes) exposure limits of respectively, 10 and 15 ppm, which demand continuous monitoring of H2S in laboratories and industries. For this purpose, BARC has developed a H2S Sensor with Monitor (Model: TPD-BARC 1050), which can monitor the gas in 10-50 ppm range.


The H2S Sensor with Monitor (Model: TPD-BARC 1050) is a chemiresistive type and works on the principle of change in electrical resistance upon a chemical interaction with H2S. This change is calibrated and displayed directly on a digital monitor as H2S concentration in ppm.


  • Two preset “ALARM” at 10 and 50 ppm of H2S.
  • Facility for historical logs i.e. installation date, calibration date, fault detail etc.

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