ANUSPECT Gamma Spectrum Analysis software


Introduction :

BARC has successfully carried out ANUSPECT- Multi-core framework for Gamma Spectroscopy. It is an integrated gamma spectroscopy data acquisition and spectral analysis software program. ANUSPECT software provides visually effective Graphical User Interface (GUI) for effortless Gamma Spectrum Analysis. It provides offline as well online spectrum analysis. It supports online spectrum analysis for USB MCA cards (based on Cypress EZ-USB-FX2), however, it can be made adaptable to other MCA cards. The software Design is based on multi paradigm approach which comprises of Objected Oriented(OO) and Functional paradigms. OO paradigm is used to define overall high-level architecture. Functional Paradigm is used to express algorithms in declarative style. Thus it provides an elegant solution for developing complex scientific algorithms.

Salient Features :

  1. Uniform model for analysis of the acquired spectrum in online and offline mode.
  2. Analysis algorithms: Optimized Peak Search algorithm, energy/shape/Efficiency calibration algorithms, Non linear least square fit algorithm, Nuclide Identification and Activity calculation algorithm based on SAMPO80 during online as well offline analysis.
  3. UI Panel for setting hardware (MCA) parameters like Timer Mode, Resolution, Acquisition time, LLD, ULD, Amplifier Gain, PZ settings..
  4. Spectrum Display (standard and zoomed, Linear/Log Scale, Auto/Manual Selection of Resolution), Display for Functional Parameters, Analysis Results and Cursor Operations. .
  5. UI designed for fluent calibration.
  6. High performance Charts
  7. Support for different spectrum file formats and saving of calibration file in binary format
  8. Printing Analysis results.
  9. Spectrum saving in multiple formats including Excel/ASCII for further processing
  10. Generating reports for analysis result.

System Requirements :

  1. OS: Windows OS greater than Windows Xp with Service Pack 3
  2. Platform: Any (32 bit/64 bit)
  3. RAM: 1Gb or More
  4. Processor: Any Processor with support for DirectX 9.0 or greater
  5. .Net Framework: .Net4.0 or greater

Application Areas :
AnuSpect has application fields ranging from laboratory gamma spectroscopy, waste measurement, fuel reprocessing, whole body counting and nuclear safeguards. AnuSpect can be used for elemental identification in such diverse areas as medicine, defense, astronomy, exploration and evaluation of mineral resources, archaeology and environment quality control. It is useful in the following application areas.

  1. Nuclear Science Research
  2. Nuclear Reactors
  3. Accelerators
  4. Health Physics Instrumentation
  5. Industrial Applications

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