Advanced PC based Acoustic Emission Analyser for Non -Destructive Testing & Evaluation

Acoustic Emission Analyser

Behavior of materials under stress is evaluated by Acoustic Emission (AE) technique. This NDT technique is used in many applications such as inspection of huge storage tanks, monitoring of welding & shaft straightening process, integrity testing of pressure vessels, study of deformation & fracture in material testing, failure studies of rocks & concretes and many more. This PCI bus based analyzer is four channel data acquisition and analysis board (AEDAQ) using state-of-the-art technology like FPGA & DSP with 14 bit 10 MSPS ADC along with flexible & easy to use Windows 98/2000 based software having advanced GUI. The know-how of AEDAQ with associated software offered which is used to build an advanced NDT system incorporating appropriate piezo electric sensors and low noise pre-amplifiers as per applications. Sensors and pre-amplifiers are bought out items and are available in the market. The system is expandable in steps of four channels.

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