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Carrying out Practical Training/Project Work in BARC as a part of academic curriculum

Practical Training/Project Work opportunities in BARC for Science and Engineering graduate/postgraduate students

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is a multidisciplinary organisation and a national laboratory with the prime motive to support the nuclear programme in the country. It extends its expertise to provide great opportunities for research and impart training to students/fellows from academic institutions in order to encourage the growth of scientific/technological research in the country.
Meritorious bonafide students are encouraged to apply for undertaking Practical Training/Project Work in BARC, as a part of their academic curriculum, in various engineering disciplines (namely Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Metallurgy, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer) and basic sciences (namely Physics, Chemistry, Bioscience) for duration of not less than one month. Such opportunities are provided to students on an on-availability basis.

No accommodation is offered in the BARC Training School Hostel or Guest House to any student selected for undertaking practical training/project work.

The following are eligible categories of students who can be accepted for practical training/project work at BARC:
Degree Eligibility Criteria
Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Only those students who have appeared 5thsemester and above
M.E./M.Tech Only those students who have completed 1st semester and above
B.Sc Only final year students
M.Sc Only those students who have completed first semester and above

Min. duration for Training/Projects as a part of your academic curriculum for

  • Mechanical engg – 1 month.
  • Chemical Engg, Civil, Metallurgy, Electrical, Electronics, Istrumentation, Physics, Chemistry – 2 months.
  • Computer - 45 to 60 days.
  • Biosciences - 3 months.

For screening, students are required to send, 3 months before the desired starting date of project, an application on HARD COPY on their college letter head duly signed and stamped by the college authority, in the following format

  1. Full name of the student as in your college ID: Mr. / Ms.
  2. Degree:
  3. Year of study:             : Total no. of years of the programme:
  4. Discipline / subject:
  5. Desirable period of training (from ________ date to ________ date).

Alongwith a 1-page student’s Resume. Resume should have the following particulars:

  1. Personal details with email ID.
  2. Educational qualifications with marks from X std. onwards up-to-date.
  3. Skills acquired.
  4. Any training undergone.
  5. Any projects done.
  6. Areas of interest.


For Computer - attach all marksheets from X std onwards.
For BioSc – attach all marksheets from X std onwards.

Applications shall be addressed to:

The Officer-in-Charge,
Practical Training/Project work,
BARC Training School,
Anushakti Nagar,
Mumbai 400094.

"Any query regarding practical training/project work is to be sent to hrddptpw@barc.gov.in only."

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