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Current Issue Issue No.-353 | Sep - Oct 2016

Automated Powder Processing, Pelletisation and Inspection System For AHWR Type Fuels Pellets

ED&DD, Multidisciplinary Research Group RMD, Nuclear Fuels Group
Green Energy Options for Sustainable Development

Dr. M.R. Srinivasan
Member, Atomic Energy Commission
Indigenous Development of Dual Energy X-ray Baggage Scanning System

Anita Topkar, Amit Kumar, S.K. Lalwani, Arvind Singh, R.K. Jain, Arvind Kumar and D. Das & others
Development and Applications of Thin Layer Activation Analysis Technique for Monitoring Wear and Corrosion Processes

Jayashree Biswal, H.J. Pant, J.S. Samantray, S.C. Sharma, A.K. Gupta, G.D. Thakre and P.K. Arya
Simfuel - Near Unirradiated Analogue of High Burn-up Nuclear Fuel

R.K. Bhagat, Joydipta Banerjee, K.B. Khan, Aparna Banerjee, R.V. Kulkarni
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