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ISSN - 0976-2108
Current Issue Issue No. - 351  |  May - Jun 2016

Development & Deployment of BARC Vessel Inspection System (BARVIS) for TAPS-1&2

Jit Pal Singh, R. Ranjon, M.P. Kulkarni, N.L. Soni and R.J. Patel
Atomic Dynamics and Anomalous Thermodynamic Behavior of Novel Compounds

R. Mittal, M. K. Gupta, S. K. Mishra, Prabhatasree Goel and S. L. Chaplot
Phase distribution study for U-Zr-metallic simfuel

S. Kolay, M. Basu, S.N. Achary, A.K. Tyagi, D. Das, S. Kaity and J. Banerjee
Indigenous technology development: Seismic Switch for Nuclear Reactors

Shiju Varghese, Jay Shah, P.K. Limaye, N.L Soni and R.J Patel
Edited & Published by Scientific Information Resource Division,Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,Trombay, Mumbai-400085, India