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Current Issue Issue No. : 356 | Mar - Apr 2017

Automation System for Fuel Pellet Handling & Inspection in Shielded Facility

Reactor Design & Development Group and Nuclear Fuels Group
Recovery of Cesium from High Level Liquid Radioactive Waste for Societal Application: An Important Milestone

C.P. Kaushik, Amar Kumar, Neelima S. Tomar, S. Wadhwa, Darshit Mehta, R.K. Mishra, Jyoti Diwan, Suresh Babu, S.K. Marathe, A.P. Jakhete, Savita Jain, Anand G. and Kailash Agarwal
Potential of Luminescence Based Molecular Animal Imaging in Research Areas Pertaining to Cancer Biology and Therapy

Hansa D. Yadav, Neena G. Shetake, Murali MS Balla, Amit Kumar and B.N. Pandey
Development of Geyser Pump for Lifting Solid Particles in a continuous Rotary Dissolver

Shaji Karunakaran, G. Sugilal, K. Agarwal, R. Srinath and K.M. Singh
Indigenous Development of Pulsed Neutron Generators for Analytical Applications

Rishi Verma, Rohit Shukla, Ekansh Mishra, Prosenjit Dhang, Premanand Dey, Karuna Sagar, Manraj Meena and Archana Sharma
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