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Current Issue Issue No. : 361 | Jan - Feb 2018

Development of Position Sensitive Multi-wire Gas Detectors for Nuclear Physics Experiments

D.C. Biswas, R.P. Vind, Nishant Kumar, R.V. Jangale, A.L. Inkar and Y.K. Gupta (Nuclear Physics Division)
A. T. Chaudhari, L.S. Choughule and Manish Kumar (Technical Physics Division)
Development of Diamond like Carbon-Si Ox (DLC-SiOx) as Anti- Corrosive and Oxidation Resistant Coating for Application in Compact High T emp erature Reactor ( CHTR)

N. Chand, R. Kar, A. Bute and S.Sinha (Laser & Plasma Surface Processing Section)
S.P. Chakraborty (Materials Science Division)
हल्दी में पाये जाने वाले पादपपोषी 'कूरक्यूमिन' के विविध औषधीय गुण

डॉ. (श्रीमती) के, इंदिरा प्रियदर्शिनी
रासायनिक प्रभाग
Process for 99Tc Removal from Intermediate Level Waste of Reprocessing Origin by in-situ formed Corrosion Product of Mild Steel Wool

A. Ananthanarayanan, S. Pahan, D. Banerjee, Pallavi. P. S., M. A. Rao, S. A. Khot, A. Joseph, J. G. Shah and K. Agarwal (Nuclear Recycle Group)
T. P. Valsala (Nuclear Recycle Board, Tarapur)
Development and Demonstration of Vacuum Distillation Process for Recover y of Pure TBP and n-Dodecane from Simulated Organic Liquid Waste

K. K. Haldar and K.V. Ravi (Nuclear Recycle Board, Mumbai)
M. M. Malusare and Sanjay Kumar (Nuclear Recycle Board, Tarapur)
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