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The Beginning: The first issue of the BARC Newsletter appeared on 1st August, 1983. At that time it was a simple 4-page layout and printed in Black & White. During the first 17 years of its journey, it has published R&D activities from different Groups, opinions of Senior Scientists and also included names of scientists and their work which brought laurels to BARC. The content went on increasing with increase in the outstanding achievements of BARC and some of these activities as reflected in the BARC Newsletter are summarized below:

  • August, 1983: Publication of the first issue of the BARC Newsletter
  • 9th August, 1985: Dhruva goes critical
  • 30th Oct., 1985: Fast Breeder Test Reactor goes critical
  • July 1987: BARC develops graphite materials for use in Rockets
  • Dec. 1988: Inauguration of the Medium Energy Heavy Ion Accelerator (MEHIA) Facility
  • Nov. 1990: Purnima III attains criticality.

The Second Decade (1991-2000): The BARC Newsletter during this period had kept pace with developments in printing technology and a 4 colour format was adopted for a more aesthetic look. The total number of pages increased from 4 to 8 and it also included a Contents table for better readability. The quality of figures improved along with the number of research articles. The research areas covered in the BARC Newsletter represented the multidisciplinary nature of R&D in BARC and it also continued to publish information on award winners. The DAE Awards Scheme was introduced in 1992. Most of the important developments in this period were included in the BARC Newsletter and a few are summarized below:

  • Feb. 1991: One Millionth Consignment of Radioisotope was produced at Trombay and delivered to Tata Memorial Centre
  • Aug. 1992: BARC develops a coolant channel inspection system (BARCIS Mark 1) for 235MWe PHWRs
  • July 1993: BARC develops Boron carbide and Boron carbide associated composites
  • Aug. 1995: Special issue of the BARC Newsletter dedicated to Food Irradiation
  • May 1996: Installation of GRACE (Gamma Ray Astrophysics Cerenkov Experiment) Telescope at Mount Abu
  • May 1998: Report of Pokhran tests
  • Aug. 1999: Solid Storage Surveillance Facility at Tarapur commissioned.

The Third Decade (2001-2009): The coverage of feature articles increased along with a better design of front and back covers. The total number of articles published also increased (1-2 articles in every issue) in addition to coverage of important scientific events. The decade culminated in the birth centenary celebrations of our Founder, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha in October 2009. The major developments that need special mention are given below:

  • Jan. 2003: Inauguration of the Waste Immobilization Plant at Trombay
  • Feb. 2005: BARC Develops Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine for Cancer Treatment
  • Dec. 2005: Supercomputing Facility inaugurated at BARC
  • Jan. 2006: Golden Jubilee year of BARC inaugurated
  • Sep. 2008: Export of Radiation-processed Indian mangoes to USA

BARC Newsletter between 2010 and now: Major changes were introduced in the BARC Newsletter with the formation of the BARC Newsletter Editorial Committee. The frequency changed from monthly to bimonthly and the format and structure gave an appearance of a journal. The articles (reviewed) were classified as Research Articles, Technology Development Articles and Feature articles. In July-August 2010, the BARC Newsletter was allotted the international ISSN Number: 0976-2108 thus giving it a unique identity. The online version began to be made available through three separate portals: Saraswati, BTS and through BARC websites. In October 2010, the Founder’s day Special Issue was printed and released for the first time on a CD. A new feature, “Brief Communications” was introduced in the Newsletter from 2012. An online portal “BARC Publications”was developed for submission of articles to the BARC Newsletter.

Future Direction: Change is an inherent strength of any publication and much has changed over a period of three decades for the BARC Newsletter. But one thing that has remained constant is the standard and quality of its publication. Even today, sincere efforts are being made to reflect and mirror the achievements of BARC and it will continue to be done in future too. We are indeed grateful to all the researchers who have contributed articles and to the editors who have spent their quality time to make it look like what it is today.