From the Editor's Desk...

The Founder's day Special Issue of the BARC Newsletter published every year on Founder's Day, carries award winning work of our Scientists and Engineers. DAE Awards 2012 received in 2013 and Merit Awards for R&D work in 2013.

DAE Awards 2012 received in 2013 and Merit Awards for R&D work in 2013 are being published in this issue. This year a total of sixty papers have been published. DAE Awards constitute 65% of the total award papers spanning a wide range of areas: from Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences to Computer Sciences, Bio Sciences and Engineering. Some of the papers are purely research-based whereas others are application-oriented.

Apart from DAE Awards, BARC Scientists and Engineers received several awards for their R&D work, which was presented at various national and international fora (Merit Awardees). Some of the R&D work received special awards instituted by the sponsoring organizations. Some included oral presentations and others were Poster presentations.

This CD contains all the sixty papers which are grouped under 1.DAE Awards and 2. Merit Awards. Individual papers can be accessed from the Contents as well as from the Author index by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Dr. K. Bhanumurthy
On behalf of the Editorial Committee