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The Department has full-fledged facilities for indigenous development of Ultra-Filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes as well as membrane based devices. After successful development of poly-sulfone UF membrane, poly-amide RO membrane, we are in the process of developing nano-filtration (NF) membrane, nano-composite membranes, charged membranes, bipolar membranes, inorganic membranes etc for process applications and next-generation effluent treatment such as recovery of valuables from effluent (wealth from waste) as well as Zero Liquid Discharge, safe disposal of spent membranes etc. We have been technical advisors to several national and international organizations such as BHEL/ CMWSSB/ NIOT/ MCGM/ IAEA etc on water desalination and purification. Centre has developed fluoride detection kit for fluoride monitoring in ground water.

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Membrane Development Activities

Membrane Development Activities (Indian Patent Nos. 186210; 186375; 194101)

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Fluoride Detection Kit

Fluoride Detection Kit

Some of the technologies/ products which are available for transfer to interested parties on non-exclusive basis are as follows:

  1. Preparation of composite polyamide RO membrane for brackish water desalination
  2. On-line domestic water purifier based on ultra-filtration (UF) poly-sulfone membrane
  3. UF membrane assisted device for removal of iron from contaminated water for drinking purposes
  4. Membrane assisted defluoridation process for safe drinking water
  5. Arsenic removal from drinking water by physico-chemical process
  6. Dip-n-Drink
  7. Fresh water generator
  8.  Back-washable spiral UF technology for domestic and industrial water purification
  9. Solar energy driven portable domestic brackish water RO technology
  10. Domestic water purification device based on photo-catalysis using solar light
  11. Fluoride detection kit for ground water

The know-how of the above technologies/ products has been transferred to several parties for wider deployment in a commercially viable manner and is available on non-exclusive basis through technology transfer. Similarly, technical advice in design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operation and troubleshooting of brackish water & seawater desalination and effluent treatment plants are available.

An entrepreneur interested in the manufacturing of the point-of-use on-line domestic water purifier based on UF membrane would require an investment of about Rs. 10-20 lakh. Bigger products for community level application, such as back-washable spiral UF element and RO
membrane require higher investment in the order of about Rs. 25-50 lakh. The unit cost of the product/ plant would be about Rs 25-50 per LPD capacity for water purification unit to Rs 50-100 per LPD capacity for the desalination plant. The operating cost of water produced would be about 1-2 paise per litre for water purification, 2-5 paise for brackish water desalination and 5-10 paise for seawater desalination. It should however be noted that these cost figures are only indicative and would vary depending on the location, infrastructure availability, capacity, energy cost, extent of automation etc.