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Applications of Radiation in Health Care:Radiation Sterilisation

Radiation Sterilisation is another important application of radioisotopes towards health care offered on a commercial basis to the Indian medical industry. The ability of gamma radiation to kill micro-organisms is effectively made use of in radiation sterilisation of various medical products such as disposable syringes, surgical sutures, cotton dressing, drugs and related products etc. The advantage over conventional techniques is that the sterilisation is effected in the final packing so that the product remains sterile up to the point of use. Moreover, as it is a cold process, heat sensitive materials like plastics used in medical products are not adversely affected.  The Irradiation Sterilisation of Medical Products (ISOMED) Plant at Trombay was the first unit to be started by the Department of Atomic Energy for this purpose. Over a million radiation sterilised midwifery kits and delivery packs, to be used in rural areas for preventing infection of mothers and helping to minimize infant mortality rate, have been distributed through rural health programmes funded by WHO and this has decreased infant mortality rate in the areas where these kits were supplied. 

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ISOMED Plant, Trombay, Mumbai Radiation sterilized medical products

ISOMED Plant, Trombay, Mumbai

Radiation sterilized medical products