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Side Event of 56th IAEA General Conference "Enhancing Global Nuclear Energy Sustainability: Briefing on INPRO"
Enhancing Global Nuclear Energy Sustainability:
Briefing on INPRO

Side Event during the 56th IAEA General Conference
Wednesday, 19 September 2012
This year’s side event of INPRO during the IAEA General Conference focused on the benefits countries derive from INPRO membership, and how INPRO’s studies and projects can contribute to sustainable nuclear energy systems in Member States.



Mr Sekhar Basu
Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), India

Scientific Secretary:

Mr Randy Beatty (INPRO)
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

Opening Address Mr. Alexander Bychkov
Deputy Director for Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager


Benefits of INPRO Membership: An INPRO Member’s Perspective: India

Mr Sekhar Basu
BARC, India


Global Nuclear Energy Scenarios: Transition to Sustainable Nuclear Energy Systems and Building Regional Cooperation

Mr Vladimir Kuznetsov

Long Range Nuclear Energy Strategies: Strategic Nuclear Energy Planning of Ukraine

Mr Mykola Kukharchuk
International Cooperation Department of National Utility “ENERGOATOM”, Ukraine

Long Range Nuclear Energy Strategies: Long-term Prospects for Nuclear Energy in the Post-Fukushima Era

Mr Poong Eil Juhn
International Nuclear Project Coordinator, National Research Foundation of Korea