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Dr. Homi N. Sethna
Dr. Homi N. Sethna
Former Director, BARC during

Dr. Homi N. Sethna: Dr. Sethna’s first assignment after taking over as Director BARC, was the setting up of the Rare Earth Plant at Alwaye, Kerala in 1952, for processing of Monazite, to separate rare-earths and thorium-uranium concentrate. This was followed by his setting up of the plant at Trombay, in 1955, to produce thorium nitrate and uranium concentrate. The Uranium Metal Plant for producing uranium metal of nuclear purity was commissioned in 1959, under his supervision. The material produced by this plant was later used as fuel for Cirus. A uranium mill for processing low-grade uranium ore in was also commissioned in 1966, in Jaduguda near Tatanagar. This plant supplied the fuel for both the research reactors and power reactors. The preliminary work on Uranium enrichment studies was also initiated under his direction. Dr. Sethna initiated developmental work on heavy water production processes and other isotopic separations. In view of his reputation for completing projects in time, Dr. Sethna was made the Project Manager for the Cirus reactor, during its construction stage (1956-58). It was under his Directorship, that the construction of Dhruva was initiated.

Dr. Homi Nusserwanji Sethna, died on Sunday, 5 September, 2010 night following a prolonged illness.