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Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS)

To reward the performance of an organisation within DAE and the role of the personnel in realising its objectives, PRIS has been introduced at BARC.

Performance Related Incentive System (PRIS) is a variable component of the pay, which is awarded on the basis of performance of individual/group/organisation measured against set goals, during a given period of assessment.

PRIS comprises of the following components:

Organisational Incentive

Organisational Incentive, based on achievement of set mission goals and review of overall performance of the organization, is given once in five years, by the Atomic Energy Commission.

Group Incentive

Group incentive is awarded to specific groups on an annual basis, based on their achieving set targets in high-end R&D areas or innovative technologies or programme goals during a particular year.

Individual Incentive

Grant of variable additional increments to deserving scientific and technical personnel at the time of promotion, in recognition of their individual meritorious performance. Individual achievements are considered and assessed by a Departmental Promotional Committees (DPC) at the time of review for merit promotions.