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Beam Technology Development Group
Accelerator and Pulse Power Division

The Accelerator and Pulse Power Division (APPD) is placed under the Beam Technology Development Group

Mandate of the Division

Accelerator and Pulse Power Division is responsible for Design and Development of

  Indigenous Charged Particle Electron & Ion beam Accelerators 
  High Power Pulsed Electron Accelerators
  Pulse Power Systems
  Related instrumentation

The end users of these Charged Particle Accelerators are, 

  Research establishments and institutions engaged in basic science 
  Applied science activities
  Industries etc.

The High Power Pulsed Electron Accelerators are capable of delivering multi Giga-watt beams, to be used, 

  For the generation of high power electromagnetic waves used for
      various applications in defense 
  For Flash X-ray Radiography – an NDT procedure for the structural
      inspection of very thick objects (conventional gamma radiography
      cannot  be used)
  To study the effect of High Power Microwaves (HPM) on IC’s, semi
      conductor devices, electrical& electronics circuits, HPM hardening, to
      develop proper shield materials
  Dynamic Imaging for simulating the performance of a device 

The Pulse Power System Development is directed towards Electro Magneto Forming / Electro Magneto Welding (EMF/EMW), EMP simulators, etc. which will be used in,

  Nuclear Power Industry for Cladding of Zircalloy tubes on the
      Pyrocarbon tubes, Rolled joint detachment of Fuel rods, Fuel pins etc.
  Industrial applications involving Ceramic to metal seals etc.

Recently, the Division has initiated programs on X Ray Scanning of  Large Containers, 14 MeV Neutron Sources, Normal & Superconducting Linac Cavities & Microwave Ion sources for high current applications, Compact Pulse Power Systems etc.