(`AKRUTI Tech Pack’)
Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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‘Akruti Tech Pack’ (ATP) for Exclusive Rural Deployment on chargeable basis is a technology package introduced in the year 2009 for desirous technically oriented individuals including women entrepreneurs / industry / organizations / section 8 companies / big business houses / NGOs / VOs / Trusts/ Universities / Colleges in villages and cities, to promote techno-economic activity in rural sector through AKRUTI programme at an affordable price. Now the scope is expanded by adding more technologies, consultancy , better training facilities ,new schemes of technology deployment under XII plan project. Flexibility is increased by adding more user friendly terms and conditions to Akruti Tech Pack’ as given below :
Akruti Tech Pack is made of 15* (Fifteen) technologies and three consultancy services as given below :
A.1 Technologies






Nisargruna - Biogas plant based on biodegradable waste



Soil Organic Carbon Detection & Testing Kit (SOCDTK) – A low cost user friendly kit to estimate organic carbon content in the soil in field quickly by farmer himself.



Vibro Thermal Disinfestor (VTD) is used for insect disinfestation of food grains to achieve a shelf life extension upto  one year.



Foldable Solar Dryer (FSD) used for the preparation of raisin, drying of grapes, jack fruit pulp, ginger, green pepper, herbal medicines etc.



Process for retaining Pericarp Colour and extending shelf life of Litchi, novel process, wherein the fruits after treatment can be stored at low temperature upto 45 days.



Domestic Water Purifier (DWP)- a technology to get bacteria free clean drinking water without use of electricity



Solar Energy driven Portable Domestic Brackish Water ReverseOsmosis (BWRO) technology



Dip N Drink (DND) Membrane Pouch, technology to convert the biologically contaminated water into sterile solution for oral consumption



Banana Tissue Culture (BTC) Technology for mass-production of commercially important banana varieties. This technology can also be used for conservation & multiplication to the desired scale, of several other locally important, elite, endangered and ornamental banana varieties.



Mass multiplication medium of Biofungicide Trichoderma spp.: a low cost mass multiplication medium for faster growth of Trichoderma spp. to supports better growth of biofungicide



Micro fine Neem Biopesticide: a novel biopesticide using whole neem fruit in combination with other ayurvedic herbs in micro fine dust form releases the biopesticide over a prolonged period in a sustained manner.



Nanocomposite Ultrafiltration Membrane Device For Domestic Drinking Water Purification W.R.T. Arsenic, Iron And Microbial Contaminations is a point of use device and does not need electrical power.



Process For Long Lasting Ready- To- Eat (RTE) Intermediate Moisture (IM) Fruit Cubes: technology deals with the process development for the fruits namely mango, banana, papaya, pineapple and apple to prepare intermediate moisture fruit cubes to extend their shelf life, reduce post-harvest losses, ensure their throughout availability and also promote export.



A Rapid Biocomposting Process for Dry Leaves and Garden Waste: dry leaves are composted by the application of a formulation based on Trichoderma koningiopsis, compost generated has high organic carbon content.



Solar Dryer 25 Kg: is based on simultaneous generation of electricity by a solar panel , creating an induced draft of air by fans installed in the dryer, dries product in accelerated manner.


* Further more technologies/consultancies will be added in future

A.2 Consultancy
  1. Preservation of Agro Produce by Irradiation
    For increasing the rural awareness and benefits of radiation processing, ATP holders on separate request can avail consultancy service for irradiation of agro produce once on trial basis for sample quantity without charges.
  2. BARC New Seeds :
    For increasing the spread of new varieties developed by BARC, sample seeds shall be made available to ATP holder on separate request as per the suitability in his region.
  3. Applications of Isotope Techniques in Hydrological Investigations :
    Over the years nuclear techniques evolved as an indispensable discipline providing powerful tools for water resources management. The climatic and hydrologic diversity in India provides unlimited opportunities for application of isotope techniques; be it in arid Rajasthan, Himalayan mountainous region, coastal Orissa and West Bengal, alluvial deposits in the Ganga plane, urban centres or hard rock of peninsular India. For increasing awareness on use of scientific methods like Isotope Techniques in Hydrological Investigations, preliminary exposure to ATP holder shall be made available on separate request as per suitability in his region.


To enable and encourage techno- entrepreneurship in the villages, all those who desire to start activity in villages can avail these technologies at an affordable cost. To quick start the activity, some of the products can be purchased by them either from operational AKRUTIs or from industries as they find suitable and deploy them in the region. Based on the experience gained, they can spread the activities in surrounding villages by deploying them in rural sector through local techno-preneurship with the technical know-how and training support provided under this programme for deployment.

Under DAE-Societal Initiative, to encourage potential techno-preneurs in rural sector and to promote large scale deployment of BARC technologies, these technologies are provided for deployment in the rural area with concessional License Fee to locals from rural areas and also urban entrepreneurs to start this activity in rural sector at an affordable price. All the technologies mentioned above are offered under AKRUTI Tech Pack. Applicant is free to choose any one or combination of technologies for deployment in the rural sector as per need of the region and his financial capacity.

On successfully deploying the taken technologies in the rural sector, the ATP holder can request for following free consultancy suitable to his region on trial basis.

1.  Preservation of agro produce through Irradiation :

Radiation technology can be effectively used in preserving agriculture produce, improving food safety and enhancing international trade by overcoming trade barriers caused by the presence of quarantine insect pests and microbes in agricultural commodities. Major technological benefits that can be achieved are disinfestations of insect pests, inhibition of sprouting, delay in ripening and destruction of microbes creating food spoilage. This leads to increase of storage life, hygiene and safety. It is desired to increase the awareness of these benefits in urban as well as rural sector.

In order to promote this awareness in rural sector, radiation processing consultancy service will be provided to the holders of AKRUTI Tech Pack for carrying free trial sample irradiations of products available in their regions on separate request.

2.   BARC New Seed :

For increasing the awareness and spread of new crop varieties developed by BARC, sample seeds shall be made available to sow in their region to ATP holder on separate request.

3.   Applications of Isotope Techniques in Hydrological Investigations :

Isotope Techniques are extremely useful in diagnosing water related problems and management of water resources.
Any ATP holder interested for these investigations for societal applications should provide logistics facilities and needed Human Resource (HR) to BARC experts during preliminary exploration, collection of water samples and other field visits. Measurement on these water samples for environmental isotopes and chemical species, with Interpretation of data and results will be carried out at BARC on a preliminary exploration.

For increasing awareness for scientific methods for use of Isotope Techniques in Hydrological Investigations, preliminary exposure to ATP holder shall be made available on a separate request as per suitability in his region. Institutes desiring to carry out above preliminary measurements and interested to set up the facility preferably in its campus will be given exposure and guidance at BARC.
C. Incentive for Women Entrepreneurs for AKRUTI Tech Pack 

Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) are further encouraged by providing additional 10% concession on AKRUTI Tech Pack license fee with other conditions remaining same.