(`AKRUTI Tech Pack’)
Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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AKRUTI Tech Pack: Conditions
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  • Strictly in rural sector with rural manpower.
  • Place of activity must be in rural sector providing opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship to villagers.
  • Working place / facility must be set up in rural sector except NISARGRUNA with precondition as given below.
  • NISARGRUNA can be set up in villages as well as urban sector. Urban sector activity of NISARGRUNA can be initiated only after setting first (1st) plant in the rural sector.
  • Products made in villages can be marketed in urban areas along with meeting the village needs.
  • The individual entrepreneur /industries /companies /education institutes /organisations taking AKRUITI Tech Pack can deploy technologies in other villages through suitable format of “AKRUTI-KRUTIK-FORCE” or NGOs operating in those villages with above conditions.

Application from can be accessed here